Miss Gina photo by Dinda Vibe Zippo Slovenia

Pin Up Miss Gina – RnR Ambulance

Tell us briefly about who you are, and where you are from and really want to know the story of miss Gina.

Hello, my name is Gina and I come from Slovenia. For those of you, who aren’t sure where’s that, it’s not Slovakia or Slavonia. I’m from Ljubljana, the capital city of our small but nice small (of Ex-Yugoslavia), between Austria, Italy, Croatia and Hungary… in other words, I can enjoy romance of Venice, cakes of Vienna and swim in Adriatic sea all in one single day. I studied and finished management quite a few years ago, was a member of a girly dance group-later to transform in a rock band Make Up 2 for about 10 years, which followed with Grease musical, where I played »Marty«. We had a lot of fun. In following years I was introduced to Energy Paintings which was my teenage dream-come-true. Painting in a special, spiritual way. Finally I got in to yoga, to be more specific Faceforce Yoga by Savina Atai, special breathing techniques which followed by me becoming a certified teacher. I guess that is one way of keeping your body and soul very young.

Miss Gina photo by Bostjan Tacol - Photobilly
Miss Gina photo by Bostjan Tacol – Photobilly

Tell us, what made you think like… “hmm, I want to be a model” and when and why did this interest of yours emerge? Have you been interested in photography from childhood?

To be perfectly honest with you, my early memories from school are me in front of an audience, performing solo for our parents. Oh yes, I forgot to mention, I learned violin in primary school. So I forgot about stage fright a long time ago, but like all girls, I need to confess, I get some »goosebumps« before a special event. I think first official shootings started when we started performing with the band, covers, newspapers, also for Playboy hi hi, but I refused to pose naked, so we had to find a solution to please their and my standards, and we did. I was there… but no nudity!

How did you feel when you did your first ever fashion show or photo shoot?

I guess part of this was already answered above, but I think the major break-trough was going from a rock singer posing to Pin Up art. It all started as fun, perhaps even in New York in 2003. Well I guess maybe earlier, but I remember one really cute and funny moment in NYC where witnessed a Rumblers Hot Rod meeting and I heard people whispering »… she looks like a french girl from the sixties«. So we had to take a few extra shots ha ha.

Miss Gina photo by Bostjan Tacol - Photobilly
Miss Gina photo by Bostjan Tacol – Photobilly

Who was your role model as a child and how did that help in being a model?

Well I don’t think my role models have anything to do with my pin up passion. My role models are my parents.

They still cherish beautiful energy between them and I think that is most precious thing I see all my life and is so cool! Besides, they supported me whatever (crazy) thing I did and currently my Pin Up photos are proudly hanging on my parents’ wall.

What beauty tips do you swear by?

People sometimes think being a pin up model means you wake up and first thing even before you brush teeth, you put tons of powder on your face, cat-eyes and red lipstick. I don’t do that. I keep my body stretchy, juicy and fresh by doing yoga, keep my face switched-on by training face muscles with face-force yoga, drink a lot of water and eat veggie food. Pin up models were firstly nice looking girls who simply posed to be painted or photographed because they were good at it. Some became what we call today »top models« of the era, Hollywood superstars or simply something special, Ladies (withcapital L) who loved posing sometimes even in a kinky way, but still kept women charms and never crossed the line, what made them pin up legends. I don’t think they had a bath with all make up if the cameras were off. And to get back to the questions; My first (beauty) tip is try to smile a lot and go to sleep before 10 p.m. – your beauty hormones will get opportunity to do their best, second is to do some exercise and meditate as well and finally be very kind with your photographer!

Miss Gina photo by Bostjan Tacol - Photobilly
Miss Gina photo by Bostjan Tacol – Photobilly

What’s your motto or life advice that you life by?

Whatever you are thinking is what you are attracting

Perhaps one more thought borrowed from Sir Winston Churchill: »You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.«

What best describes the alternative subcultures in your part of the world? Are those accepted ways of living where you’re from?

I find Slovenia pretty open minded and most subcultures are well accepted. There aren’t as many as I remember seeing in London and New York, or maybe those are simply much much bigger towns with more greasers, punk rockers, rappers, skaters,… I think climate here is pretty good for alternative subcultures. Lately Pin Up style is very popular, you can see it on Talent shows, magazines, singers posing in magazines, it’s kind of funny, actually every one loves because it’s something classic, however not everyone have guts to try it.

A desolate island and a boat without gas… oops… Who do you want to be rescued by and why just that person?

Well I guess I wouldn’t be desolated in the first place, if I would have been on a desolated island, it would have been just for 10 minutes, just the right time for my prince to somehow find a solution or miraculously find me a nice healthy sandwich with tomato, mozzarella and basil… the way he did this morning.

What is a Pin up Girl to you? Describe to us the essence of Pin up Modelling.

First of all it’s fun, lot’s of fun, meeting nice and interesting people and having those great moments kept on photos! For me it’s also a way of testing my skills as face-forceyoga teacher. This might sound like science fiction, but there are techniques, sometimes only 10 minutes practice before shooting, to save your photographer hours of post production… And funny looks of the crew proves that ha ha. And to be more serious, I think essence of Pin Up modelling is presenting yourself in kinda old-fashioned way, some will laugh, some will adore you, have you on kitchen’s wall, but every one would respect you and wouldn’t dare to touch you, as being space beauty from another planet.

Miss Gina photo by Dinda Vibe Zippo Slovenia
Miss Gina photo by Dinda Vibe Zippo Slovenia

1Where can we get to see you in the near future? You go to any Magazine Photo Shoots planned?

I just heard Trash ‘n’ Burn Pin Up Calendars just arrived from print and I will be presented as girl of March, for the rest, hm let’s just wait what happens after this interview and phones start ringing. Since it’s December, let me wish you a really nice and blessed Xmas time and the happiest New Year. Thank you very much for this invitation.

— Yours truly Gina.

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Pin Up Miss Gina – RnR Ambulance

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