Sarah Vamp photo by Lucky Stars Media

Sarah Vamp – Las Vegas is a melting pot of everything

Who is Miss Sarah Vamp, where does she live and besides modelling what does she do?

I’m a foodie who loves computers and graphic design, vampires, and everything vintage! Currently I live in Las Vegas, NV. I moved here from Minnesota in 2005. Besides modeling I am a graphic designer with a flair for retro design, I’m a part of a modeling and styling duo with Darby Fox called The Fox and The Vamp. We model, style photo shoots, teach pinup posing classes in downtown Las Vegas, and produce events. We are also the Nevada leadership team for Pinups for Patriots. I like to learn and challenge myself. I’m obsessed with FOOD! I can cook anything. I love my friends and enjoy being around creative people! I am constantly moving or doing something. Wither it be designing, planing a shoot, or traveling!

Now we’re curious, how many tattoos do you have?

Well I guess if you count 1/2 sleeves and sleeves in progress as a single tattoo then I have 5 with one being the sleeve I am working on which combines my two favorite things, vampires and pinups

Sarah Vamp photo by Chris Gomez PhotographySarah Vamp photo by Chris Gomez Photography

What makes a tattoo not just a good one but a great one?

Art can be very subjective, but to me the greatest tattoos are unique, creative, and original. Obviously there are various degrees of skill. But I enjoy looking at tattoos that I’ve never seen before or are a new take on something traditional. Most important is that you love it and are proud to have it.

What’s your motto or life advice that you life by?

Forest Gump is one of my all time favorite movies. “Your life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get.” Always stuck with me.

It’s actually a very true and to the point statement about life but put so simply and in a way everyone can understand. I even understood it when I was 10. You can make choices in life and try your best to live the life you want but life is unpredictable. It’s not always a bad thing. It’s like when you get that really gross chocolate nobody likes, usually the chocolate covered fruity something or another. You have to move on the best you can and hopefully the next piece will be your favorite turtle, everybody likes the turtles of life!

Sarah Vamp photo by Lycky Stars MediaSarah Vamp photo by Lycky Stars Media

How did you feel when you did your first ever fashion show or photo shoot?

I was extremely excited, anxious, nervous and had a million thoughts in my head at once. My first big fashion show was the Viva Las Vegas Fashion show in 2010. I love Viva Las Vegas. It’s the biggest rockabilly party right in my back yard! It taught me a lot and fueled my passion even more!

What best describes the alternative subcultures in your part of the world? Are those accepted ways of living where you’re from?

Las Vegas is a melting pot of everything. The pinup, vintage, rockabilly, swing, burlesque communities in Las Vegas are amazing. We support one another and there’s no drama. We work, live, and have fun together. For the most part it’s very accepted but even when I’m in Downtown Las Vegas hanging out I still get people who snicker or make comments. But you just got to roll it of your shoulders and know you’re always fabulous!

Do you have any advice as to how to ensure good pictures every time?

Practice! Even the most experienced of models has an off day. Only experience can teach you how to think quick on your feet in certain situations, how to deliver 50 different pinup poses on the spot or how to make 4 hours of sleep look fabulous. Practice everything from facial expressions to how your feet look in heels. And if you’re serious about pinup modeling practice by getting out there! Work with good photographers (quality over quantity ), get creative, think outside the box, go to events, and travel. It may not be pretty at first, but practice makes perfect, well almost ;). And if you need extra help you can always take a Pinup Posing class from the fox and the vamp!

Sarah Vamp photo by Louise Ungerman PhotographySarah Vamp photo by Louise Ungerman Photography

If you were not a model, what other profession would you have been doing instead?

If I wasn’t modeling or a graphic designer, I would have explored the Culinary world more. I almost went to Culinary Arts school but opted for Graphic Design because I could see myself doing it everyday and loving it. But I still dream of hosting a pinup themed cooking show where I travel the globe finding the treasures that have been around since the 60s and earlier.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Traveling the globe producing pinup events and workshops! I hope to really have grown my brand as Sarah Vamp. I’d really like to get into Television more. I’ve done a few things and it’s a lot of fun. Maybe I’ll be hosting that cooking show or writing a successful foodie blog. I may even still be modeling. I know I could rock it at 38! Mostly I still wanted to be actively involved in the community and being creative. I also see myself surrounded by friends, family, and that special someone ;)

Sarah Vamp photo by Lucky Stars MediaSarah Vamp photo by Lucky Stars Media

What are your plans for the future? Are you perhaps pursuing some special U.S. or European contracts?

In December I will be in California with my modeling partner Darby Fox! We will be hopefully teaching out first pinup posing 101 class outside of Las Vegas, attending Mooneyes, and modeling. We are teaching our class at a very big rockabilly event next year but for now my lips are sealed ;)

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