Tattoo Identity photo by Benoît Meeus

Tattoo Identity by Benoît Meeus – Book launch and opening exhibition in Antwerpen

Book launch and opening exhibition photographer Benoît Meeus at eyeLoco, Antwerp, Wednesday October 29th 2014

In TATTOO IDENTITY photographer Benoît Meeus compiles his strongest images from the past 7 years. The project Ink Id was founded in 2007. The book is an overlap between photography, tattoos and graphic design, a collection of different people with a speaking identity, always individual and personal.

The most frequently asked question is “why tattoos?”

7 years ago tattoos were not that common while now you see them everywhere, prejudices evolved. With this series the photographer wants to give voice to two aspects that fascinate him, the human aspect and the tattoo world. People have tattoos because they find them beautiful, because of the personal meaning behind them, out of passion, sometimes a lot of tattoos, sometimes few, sometimes big, sometimes small… Although everybody assumes he does, the artist himself doesn’t have any tattoos.

Tattoo Identity photo by Benoît MeeusTattoo Identity photo by Benoît Meeus

As a photographer he wants to show faces. TATTOO IDENTITY is more a book about photography than about tattoos. Drawn by the enigmatic beauty of tattoos, he started this series of portraits. The black & white portraits show these people as they truly are.

All along these 7 years his images have evolved technically. A search for the ideal light, color, shadow and background. It’s very important to him to have consistency in his line of work. Very little post production, he limits it digitally to the same techniques that would be possible in a dark room.

Very different people appeared before his camera, every time another story. 230 people from 28 different countries were photographed, each with a totally different background that’s being left to the imagination. Some of them especially travelled to Belgium from abroad, other came back every 3 to 4 months. Their hair looks different, they are a bit older, their body changes, the person changes. Sometimes images of the same person are unrecognizable. It’s a piece of their life, the evolution of that person.

Tattoo Identity photo by Benoît MeeusTattoo Identity photo by Benoît Meeus

TATTOO IDENTITY is all about keeping our minds open and dropping prejudices. With his pictures he wants to show that people can be whoever they want to be.

The exhibition TATTOO IDENTITY will be open for visit from Thursday October 30th until Sunday November 30th at eyeLoco in Antwerpen. The opening hours are Thursday and Friday 6-9pm, Saturday and Sunday 2-6pm.

eyeLoco opened its doors in May 2012. A photography art center in Antwerp with the purpose to make photography approachable to everyone and to put photography on the map in Antwerp. To do so they organise plenty of photography workshops, have a studio, a small bookshop, a gallery and a cosy lounge where you can enjoy a drink. In the past eyeLoco already collaborated with the FoMu and exhibited international and national art photographers like Bruno Bisang, The Three Boys From Pasadena, Andreas H. Bitesnich, Sofie Coreynen, Wilco Dragt, Liesbet Waegemans.

For more info…

The eyeLoco website
Phone +32 487 39 51 79 or email to

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