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Zelimir Kulisic – “Judy Likes To Rock!” is a Global Line Dance Mania, spreading like a virus, as we speak

I’d like to take this opportunity and tell you a little bit about our exclusive Swedish recording artist Zelimir whose album single entitled “Judy”, feat. Albert Lee as a special guest on a guitar has recently hit iTunes #100 charts in 7 European countries 150 times so far.

Zelimir, building a harmonious bridge between the timeless sounds of Rock’n’Roll and millennium tunes-giving it a new old shine while marrying its most celebrated music with country, pop and swing melodies – without skipping a beat.

He is a modern Elvis, James Dean, Johnny Depp type of guy, very talented, and he adores film and music.

“Judy’s” highest iTunes Music Chart positions so far are: No.4 in Sweden, No.7 in Netherlands, No.12 in Denmark, No.37 in Finland, No.42 in France, No.84 in the UK, and Germany No.109, as a promotion in Germany on National TV and Radio has led “Judy” being featured on over 50 radio and tv stations. Zelimir’s latest single “Good Morning My Darling” has been featured on over 70 radio in TV stations in Germany.

“Judy Likes To Rock!” is a Global Line Dance Mania, spreading like a virus, as we speak. Dozens of videos of a people; all colors, nationalities, ages and genders dancing to their own choreographies to the song. Fans are using nothing but word of mouth and good taste in music What is so special about “Judy” is that it is a contemporary original Country/Rock’n’Roll tune, and not just a Rock’n’Roll cover song from the 50s and 60s. People seem to be recognising that quality right away. A lot of soul, a lot of heart, a lot of love went into this song and people react and respond to it, word of mouth is spreading, and it’s all over YouTube.

“Judy” will soon go international since Zelimir will be recording “Judy” in dozen different languages: including Spanish, Swedish, German, Turkish, Italian, Serbo-Croatian and even Chinese.

Zelimir Kulisic Flyer

Now he is a fully accomplished singer and songwriter and successful recording artist in his own right, with several big selling hits of his own here in Europe yet Zelimir has never forgotten his musical roots – Country and Rock’n’Roll.

He has an extremely attractive personality that is hard to resist!

Zelimir, and his Swedish production team have finished with the recording of a basic instrumentations for the whole album with Nashville’s top studio musicians (Tony Harrell, J.T. Corenflos, John D Willis, Mike Brignardello, Steve Brewster etc) and everything’s prepared to be taken to the next level.

Zelimir recently got together with Chan Romero, an original performer and an author of the legendary “Hippy Hippy Shake” song, (heard in numerous movies such as “Cocktail” with Tom Cruise, “X-Men” “Austin Powers” etc). They recorded a new version of that very same song in the new and modern Country/Rock feel with the Nashville’s top studio musicians. Single and a music video are soon to be released.

For more info on Zelimir Kulisic…

Zelmir Kulisic Official Website

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