We are taking this show on the road – The Miss Pinup Scandinavia Tour 2014

This summer the Miss Pinup Scandinavia Team and the crew at Pinups & Kustoms Online Magazine will show up at a few selected carshows and first stop is naturally the biggest, badest carshow on the planet – Power Big Meet in Västerås, Sweden.

If you are one of the very few people on earth who still hasen’t been to this extraordinary event… Click the image to find out more…

Power Big Meet Västerås Sweden


Next stop after that is Power Hot Rod Reunion, Malmby (Strängnäs) on July 18 – 19 and we will top things of with the Miss Pinup Scandinavia Final at Mooneyes Sweden’s Rat Fink Reunion in Avesta on July 26. Feel free to browse the links in red for additional info.

If you are planning on attending any of the meets above, we would absolutely love if you came by our booth…

Just to say hi to us or to VOTE in person for the one Miss Pinup Scandinavia finalist that you would like to see as the winner of “Peoples Choice”. The online vote for this title will end on July 25, but the IRL vote will proceed until noon on July 26.

But that’s not all… We also have our three gorgeous Jokers who needs your vote to be able to snatch the 12th spot in the final. This vote will end on July 6 even though the winner of “The Joker” won’t become public until the final at Rat Fink Reunion on July 26.

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